The world of Charminars

  • Episode 79
  • 05-12-2022
  • 10 Min Read
The world of Charminars

A man was walking across the bridge. Not far away, he saw another man climbing on the guard rails of the bridge. He rushed to the spot and caught him by his shirt. It was clear that he was trying to commit suicide. He shouted, “Please no! Thousands of other reasons are there to live.” “Nonsense! Leave me free.” The other man cried back. Here goes the conversation that continued between the two. The man who came to save the other asked, “Are you a believer?” “I’m!”

“Me too! Christian or Buddhist?” “Christian.”

“Me too! Catholic or Protestant?” “Protestant!”

“Oh! My God, me too. Episcopalian or Baptist?” “Baptist.”

“Me too. God’s Church or Lord’s Baptist Church?” “God’s!”

“Me too… Original God’s Church or Reformed God’s Church?” “Reformed!”

“OMG, me too! Do you belong to the Reformation of 1978 or 1915?” “1915.”

The man who came to save him took no time to push him down into the river. He could not at all accommodate a 1915 group reformist. When it comes to salvation and heaven, the general attitude is more or less the same shamefully narrow!

As I understand, a shift to eternity is typical. It’s like putting off a burning lamp. When the wick is lit, a flame is there. It has all the qualities of colour, smell, shape and heat. But if it is put off, there remains nothing with us even to prove that there was a flame. A transition from earth to eternity is an important step in one’s evolution. We see Bhishma patiently waiting for the right time to come.

See what the Bible says about this final step. “Enter by the narrow gate.……” (Mathew 7: 13-14). Osho talks about this narrow entrance to heaven, in detail. He says that all are big because they are not alone and are with his/ her kith and kin. According to Osho, heaven is pure 24 ct. love. Perhaps we may understand heaven, once we get the working principles of human bio-energy fields. Individual bio-energy fields are elliptical in shape. When two bio-energy fields merge in love, it becomes like hearts. This is the symbol that represents love. This light energy field called aura is the result of many thousands of light signals that are radiated from each 37.5 trillion cells in the body. As bioenergy fields get merged in love, it becomes one. The more something shrinks in love the more it becomes eligible to pass through the narrow gates. Osho says that anybody can grow eligible to this status by loving more and more things in this universe.

At a time, when the city of Hyderabad was badly hit by an epidemic, Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah vowed to construct a mosque, if the misery of his people came to an end. Charminar was built on the same spot where the Sultan knelt down and begged the Almighty to interfere. I think Covid – 19 has given us chances to build any number of Charminars and thus grow small.

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