How about trying?

  • Episode 25
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
How about trying?

A man used to pray to win a lottery someday. He had perfect plans on spending the money. Maybe because God felt his prayers quite irritating everybody in the heavens that one of them appeared to him and asked him to buy a ticket first. I remember the story of a turkey and an ox. They were great friends. Turkey used to complain that even though it belonged to the bird family, it couldn’t even fly up to the lowest of the branches. The ox told the bird that it can try eating its dung, because it contains a lot of nutrients. It worked! In the first week, the turkey could fly over to a branch, close to the ground. It continued eating the dung and repeating trials. And at last, in the next week itself, it could fly up to the top of the tree.

The story speaks not about any turkey or the dung. It speaks about attempting to reach a goal with necessary self-confidence and all the basics done.

All those who have won in life, speak about taking risks too – of course, with a willingness to face it. Risk here does not mean anything dangerous or harmful to mind or body – it simply means untrodden paths. What anyone needs here is the strength to face all possible twists.

Once a kite flew down to a hen and a few chicks. It came close but saw that one among the chicks was a baby kite only. While all other little birds hid under the wings of the mother hen, this little bird was still searching the ground for some worms. At last, the kite flew to this little bird and told it that it is not a chick but a baby kite only. But the little bird was not ready to agree to it. The kite continued saying that unlike the chicken, it can fly up in the sky. The big kite continued telling it that ‘it can fly’, ‘it can fly’. At last, it decided to give it a try and it could, though after a few trials.

The story says that many of the humans living here belong to the kite family and need somebody to keep compelling them to do what they easily can. The culture is such, most of us do not even like to give a simple try.

There is a legendary story about a very rich and aristocratic Rogers family. Their ancestral house had big lawns and beautiful gardens in their compound. In the frontward over there was a boulder, protruding from the ground. It was there for a long time and every generation kept passing the information that this boulder is not easy to be removed. But, the new lady of the house decided to give it a try. Others in the house also agreed to it. She called a few workers and dug around the big boulder. To their surprise, the whole piece was not hardly a foot down.

Looking into the success stories of recent billionaires, we see that none of them have been walking through the old all trodden paths. Know that all the 800 crores of people living here have unique talents, unique opportunities and unique resources. All the risk if they have any to handle is identifying the fitting path and exploring it.… that’s always fun and success at the same time.

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