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As we all know, it is Nature that controls everything in this Universe. The strange thing is that it doesnʼt do anything but only inspires. The power of motivation is tremendous. Sometimes a smile, sometimes a touching story and at some other times a live example ….. it is all that is required to make a paradigm shift in a personʼs life. It is exactly here that Indian Thoughts had been focusing since 2008.

Indian Thoughts has ever been functioning like a community, guided by the founder Shri. Joseph Mattappally, who is more known as a motivator than an Amateur Radio enthusiast, a Yoga teacher, a corporate mentor or an acknowledged writer. Indian Thoughts website gives any visitor an exquisite surfing experience. Many hundreds of unique motivational stories that perfectly fit in real-life scenarios are available here in video, audio, books and text formats. It helps everyone to connect to his/her purpose in life. The site is tuned to fit in all classes and categories of people.

The happiest people
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Our Mission

Our Mission

‘Motivate, guide and helpʼ had ever been Indian Thoughtsʼ slogan. Publishing motivational books, sharing inspiring videos/audios, organising individuality development seminars and conducting training classes of holistic nature are part of our Mission.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a world in which people are healthy by all dimensions and are evolving peacefully in the awareness of universal solidarity which holds in its core, responsible citizenship and enlightened mentoring.


Share and Learn - touching stories and striking messages shared by Indian Thoughts community guides

Share and Learn was the first online programme launched by Indian Thoughts, in 2008. Short messages promoting personality and Individuality making were shared. In 2014, the number of subscribers from around the world was approximately 5000. Of these many thousands of story mails, we are reproducing select episodes here.

The programme contains short but powerful messages from:
Acharyasri (Dr.) Sachidananda Bharati, Dr. K S Radhakrishnan, Dr. Archana Bharat, Fr Joe Eruppakkattu SSP, Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin, Shri Joseph Mattappally, Shri. Rekesh Mittal IAS, Sr (Dr) Lilly Thockanatt SJL, Swami (Dr) Snehananda Jyoti