The best medicine

  • Episode 49
  • 30-11-2022
  • 08 Min Read
The best medicine

After a long Covid – break, when Schools were opened, parents were not sure about the right message, to be passed to children. What I have consolidated from my experience is that children need no advice. Give them these three tablets inspiration, motivation and guidance, one each with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inspiration and motivation are more or less the same. Inspiration is mental stimulation while motivation is reason for behaving in a particular way. It’s supporting them with enough logic. Guidance is helping anyone to resolve a difficulty or a problem and also turning into live examples.

Life becomes success, if these three factors are added to the life energy streams within. Some years back, the son of one of my close friends came to me with his mother. I don’t know if he was at my house to tell me that he is going to Chennai the other day for an interview for a prestigious post in the Navy. As far as I knew him, he was a bright young student just completed his course.

I explained to him two important rules of the universe. The first was that the Highest Consciousness is fully aware of all creations and it protects each particle in this universe with utmost care. Next, I told him that everybody here has unique slots of their own, whether we are aware or not. I told him that every space available is filled with this Consciousness and as far as he too is filled with this Consciousness, in and out, there is no meaning in living in fear.

That interview was special for him. Of the 99 candidates that appeared for the interview that day, only one was selected and it was this boy. The truth that bloomed within might have empowered him to stand the interview, quite beautifully.

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