Come let’s talk

  • Episode 19
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Come let’s talk

What could be the most prosperous business of the future? My answer is, ‘love’! Love deficiency would be the one critical issue that humanity is going to face soon and not 3rd wave or 4th wave of any pandemic. Without loving and being loved, any being is clinically dead! That’s what psychologists say. According to the World Health Organisation – WHO, the killer disease of the future is depression. Mostly, depression comes from love related issues. That’s the problem! The best cure for this issue is dialogue – vertical, horizontal or diagonal…

As the first step to stress relief activities, we have initiated smash rooms. The idea is getting established in all metro cities. Smashing and breaking everything in a room greatly helps to release stress. Here, we need no external support. Anybody can do it for himself. But for dialogues, we need at least two persons. Anybody who has the patience to listen to another and is willing to fully open her/his heart to say, ‘I love you’ can successfully run a ‘Love parlour’. It doesn’t truly need a sitting place either. It may flourish more than oxygen parlours. The slogan of the 2017 World Health Day was ‘Come let’s talk’. But the tragedy is that we talk too much but only very few words fit the situation.

The first requirement for a successful dialogue is patient listening. There are four types of audience – simple hearers, emotional listeners, intellectual listeners and patient listeners. Hearers let in sounds through one ear and bypass it through the other. Nothing remains in them. Emotional listeners hear the sentiments raising elements in it and once the display is over, they also change heads. You shall not also ask them the details of the content that moved them. Intellectual listeners just listen carefully or cautiously and cross check everything with the data already in store and take in only what that is found matching. Actually, patient listeners only benefit. They take in everything to their heart with no filters in between. Here, they behave as a good conductor connecting two different poles.

It is humorously said that at one time, everything in this universe was one and it was when man introduced clothes that the universe got divided into two categories – me and what is around me. Look at words and language; they were shaped or formed as a continuation of man’s interaction with Nature. And still new words are formed through this path. Further, humanity was divided into two ‘our’ and ‘their’. Categorisations continue. I pray that it returns from the world of selfishness and conditions to a realm of loving others, other societies, other countries and the whole universe, so that the entire universe get covered in a subtle layer of love. There only we establish our true link to the universe.

Now, we are not ready to accept Nature with all its uniqueness. Oliver Cromwell was an English general who later became the Commander-in-Chief. He once sat before the very talented painter, Sir Peter Lely. Once when all the work was over, ‘warts and all’ were removed from his face. Cromwell, however, asked him to paint everything as it was. Only when we grow a mind that accepts Nature in all its diversities, we become one with Nature.

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