• Episode 55
  • 01-12-2022
  • 08 Min Read

Benjamin Franklin once commented on advices, “Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.” He was a polymath – writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer, publisher and political philosopher. It is because of his wide experiences that I quoted him here.

Humans are like plants – sugar cane manure does not make orange fruits sweeter; so are advices to us. They do not change anyone, unless one so wills. Masters advise, but it is limited to those approaching them only. These masters do not generally respond to those changes happening around, every time. They are fully aware of the differences between what they hear, see and contain.

Fundamentally we are supposed to follow our karma. We need everything here in some percentage combination. In absolute brightness or darkness, nobody sees anything. Accepting Nature as it is and living in the experience of knowing that everything here is appropriate by time and space is an added asset. However, accepting a chronic drunkard doesn’t mean imitating him. Instead, it is realising the truth that he also is part of the diversities which add to the beauty of this universe.

When we decide to accept Nature as it is, we tune to the rhymes of Nature. Let’s take the example of an orchestra organised by popular award winners only. Suppose they all stick on to the music, song or tune for which they were awarded. The programme turns to cacophony. I mean, the singer sings Jana gana mana … the violinist plays a Hindi film song, the Tabalaist remains tuned to a Tamil song and the organist plays a prayer song ….! See every one of them is doing their best ever. But the problem here is that they are not in harmony with each other. That’s where they lose! The rule of the universe is allowing everything to do its karma; that is playing exactly the role assigned to us.

Whenever I remember chronic advisers, I remember this lamp story also. One night, a man was walking with a lamb with him. On the way he happened to see another man coming without any light or lamp with him. He told the other, “Brother, please take this lamp. For me, I am close to my house.” The other one replied, “Thank you for your kindness. But a lamp is of no use for me, because I am blind.” The man with the lamp continued his advises and compelled the blind man to take the lamp. He said, “It’s okay but it will help you to save accidental collisions. Let others know that you are there. Also, you can give it to somebody else who may want it.”

At last, the blind man had to take the lamp and he continued walking with the lamp in his hand. After a few more hours, the blind man heard the sound of another person coming close. The blind man said, “Friend, I’m blind and have no use with this lamp. I got this from another man who crossed me on the way. It’s dark and you will certainly benefit.” The other man replied, “Thank you …thank you very much. But friend, a lamp turned off is useless even at night. Again, it is a bright day now.”

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