The same question

  • Episode 44
  • 30-11-2022
  • 08 Min Read
The same question

I believe that everybody or everything on earth is sent here, only with the necessary resources too. But technically success always asks for contests and comparisons. Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. (1943 – 1993) was one among the best Tennis players ever. He won three Grand Slam singles titles. Unfortunately, he had some cardiac problems and had many surgeries too. Most unfortunate was that he got AIDS through a blood transfusion. AIDS happened to be reason for his death too. While he was abed, suffering from AIDS, a little fan wrote to him, “Why did God choose to give you such a potentially life-threatening condition?” Both this question and his answer to this question are very popular. So thought provoking are they.

He replied, “50 million children started playing Tennis, 5 million learnt to play Tennis, 500,000 learnt Professional Tennis, 50 thousand came to Circuit, 5 thousand reached Grand Slam, 50 reached Wimbledon, 4 reached the Semi-finals, 2 reached the Finals and When I was holding the cup in my hand, I never asked God: Why Me?”

So now that I’m in pain how can I ask God: “Why Me?”

Sometime back, a reader wrote to the Chief Editor suggesting him on the uselessness of religious thoughts being repeated. The reader wrote that he might have eaten some 30,000 meals prepared by his wife but he doesn’t remember the recipe of any one of them.

Any way there was a reader to respond with a prompt reply. He wrote that his wife also has cooked around thirty thousand meals for him and none of that has proved to have improved his health. But without them, he would not have been here now.

It’s always fine to think that there could be a positive answer to every negative question.

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