The key to growth

  • Episode 10
  • 09-11-2022
  • 08 Min Read
The key to growth

Trying to do something and doing something are not the same – they are different by a mountain. I remember the story which a devout person once told. He said that a fisherman cast his net and many fishes were caught. All fishes except one, were big. The moment the fishes realised that they were trapped, they began trying to break the net. The small fish began hitting a hole. Every time, it swam back and hit the same point at a terrible speed. The big fishes looked at it with pity. One of them even told the small fish that it is never going to break it because, even big fishes could not break the thread anywhere. The big fishes dropped their attempts and decided to submit to the fate. The small fish but continued hitting the thread at one point. The big fishes kept watching the small fish, which seemed to be sure about breaking the net.

And it was their final minutes. All the fishes understood that the fisherman was pulling the net ashore. The net was almost out of the water. Surprisingly, the thread at which the small fish was hitting for hours, broke! Within no time, the small fish sneaked out. The hole it opened was too small for the big fishes to escape.

He ended the story saying that the big fishes were trying to break the net while the small fish was breaking the net. He also said that anyone who intends to grow needs two things. The first is an attitude to win, not trying to win and next a tendency to appraise the work being done and make corresponding changes as frequently as possible.

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