Cause and effect

  • Episode 2
  • 28-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Cause and effect

It is a fact that we have 3 eyes in total – two outside the body and one inside. There are conservative people who do not accept anything which they cannot contain. They throw all mysterious ideas out of the compound wall and live peacefully. Many do not believe in the inner eye. But artists and geniuses experience it frequently. The Vincent Van Gogh picture of the galaxy is famous but was controversial at the time. He drew the galaxy in an anticlockwise spiral shape. It took many more years for science to realise that it was the true shape of it.

In the famous Shakespearean play Macbeth, there is a famous passage. Lady Macbeth cries, “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.” She was afraid of the results of the heinous crime she had committed. It is the same cause and effect theory that Indians also were talking about, since a few millenniums. The content of Karma theory is nothing else. Listen to what Jesus also said, “Those who live by the sword, die by it.” “You reap what you sow.” The understanding is the same.

Karma theory also confirms that what we experience outside are the reflections of what we have fabricated inside. Both small humming birds and big bald eagles fly over the desert. What bald eagles see are corpses and the little humming birds blossoming flowers. People frantically run around to hoard the maximum. They do not ever think that they have to answer every bit they have seized from another. Universe, certainly punishes you. God may take some time to get the final account position. That’s all!

Unexpected obstruction in life, losses of varying kind … all are effects of causes we have created. The same cause and effect apply in heavens too. If we want life to flow smoothly, it is important that we don’t create causes. But it is not as easy as we assume.

Somehow, I have decided for a thorough renovation. As an electrician comes in, I will get all the circuits between everybody around, especially between those with whom I refuse to speak, checked for proper current flow. I need an ophthalmologist too, for repairing my outlook and perception on things. I want a painter to draw a smile on my face. I need a carpenter to repair the bridge in my neighbourhood. If a gardener is available, I will plant some good thoughts inside the compound. A plumber is very much needed to repair all the love tubes running all around. An engineer is very much needed to install a compassion generator inside. I hope that a language expert will teach me how to speak. A mathematician also is needed to evaluate those differences in my treatment of others. All added together may melt away at least some of the reasons that I had heaped inside.

In spite of all these, don’t think that people will be open to healing themselves, even if the service is free. It’s when we consciously yearn to evolve that surrender happens and the whole drama turns sensible. Living in the experience of effects, kindles in us the idea of causes, everywhere.

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