Shining wings

  • Episode 64
  • 01-12-2022
  • 05 Min Read
Shining wings

Stories of heroes who have beat all odds, never cease. In 2014, students of Indian IIMs published a book, ‘Small Big Bang’. It was stories of 30 die hard Indian entrepreneurs, who soared high, and many virtually from ashes.

Heard of Winston Churchill? Know that he was once chucked out from the party. But when he retired from public life, he was the Prime Minister of Great Britain. “Too stupid to learn anything!” This was what the teacher of Thomas Alva Edison spoke about him. He has more than a thousand patent rights, granted in his favour. Albert Einstein was another child who found it difficult to go with the school syllabus. He was honoured for the much-acclaimed Theory of Relativity. Charles Darwin was also not above average, while in School. His parents’ goal was fixing him as an altar assistant. Know that his ‘Origin of Species’ upset many scientists.

The story of Oprah Winfrey’s interview for the post of TV anchor is very interesting. The TV company in Baltimore did not agree to watch more than one of her programmes. She was thrown away, up into the blue skies. But there hadn’t ever been another uncrowned queen anchor better than Winfrey. Walt Disney was fired for lack of imagination and creative ideas. Steven Spielberg was denied admission in School of Cinema Arts in California University, twice. His ‘Jaws’ won three Academy Awards. Soichiro Honda was rejected by his own home country industrialists. Later we see that this Soichiro Honda could cause a big vehicle revolution in Japan.

Stories continue ….! Losing somewhere is not always the last step!

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