• Episode 52
  • 30-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read

Gautama Buddha was going to a distant village. He had taken along with him, his most beloved disciple Ananda too. We all know that Buddhists don’t journey during night. Buddha was walking a little fast and for Ananda, it was difficult to be together. They crossed many villages but it seemed every time that the intended village was still away. Ananda was tired and was eager to know how far away this village is. Ananda asked a villager in secret. He appeared to be calculating something in his mind for a while and then said, “Two more miles.” Ananda was happy to learn that only a small span is left. Two miles, then another two miles but the next village they came upon also was not that. Ananda once again asked a villager there, on the remaining distance. He also replied, “Two more miles.” With a heart full of hope, Ananda continued walking and again found that the information was wildly wrong!

Ananda could not bear this sort of fooling. He asked Buddha why both these villagers fooled him, with the same lies. Buddha told Ananda with a smile that they all are his disciples only. Ananda was shocked! Buddha continued saying that unless they were not speaking to you like that he would have gone exhausted much before.

This is a popular live story sharing the relevance of motivation. Without being motivated, nobody practically does anything. Ananda really needed such a solid experience to learn the relevance of motivation. It’s always powerful! Motivation could be a precious gift that you can ever present to another. It also could be the best service one can do for himself too.

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