How could this be ours?

  • Episode 76
  • 05-12-2022
  • 10 Min Read
How could this be ours?

Dr Joseph Murphy is known today, more for his great book – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, many million copies of which were sold the world over. He who migrated to the USA from Ireland, had been to many Indian Ashrams too. It is a fact that his above referred book was a powerful tool, which could change many.

He compares our conscious mind to the master and the powerful subconscious mind to an obedient servant. In reality, the subconscious mind is not just a servant but a powerful entity, strong enough to help us exactly the way we want to get things done. This is not limited to a few healing services only. It is available to all sorts of manifesting services. This is a technique which a lot of healers and God men across the world are misusing widely. Intending to use the subconscious mind does not ask anyone to be religious. Someway or the other, we are in prison cells of various self-created programmes. Releasing from those sub-conscious programmes itself is healing and growing.

A man passing by a circus big top observed big elephants tied by small ropes. Quite surprised, he asked the keeper there if these elephants won’t ever break it. He said that the same ropes were used since these were calves. At that time, they had tried their best and found that the ropes are not breakable. Slowly, a programme that this rope cannot be broken got established within and it never attempts too. Murphy’s book is the summary of many suggestions helping everybody to break such variety damaging programmes set within.

Take those top billionaires for example – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook…. What is more special about them is not that they are all Americans but the truth that they all trusted in themselves. They had been breaking old ropes one by one and continue to break them. People generally born into some category of religious streams may not get a chance to trust themselves.

The story of a beggar in Ranchi Railway station is something nobody may forget. It was told by Sri Sri Yogananda Paramahamsa in his ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Every time he went to the Railway station, he used to see an old man begging near the main gate. For a while he was not seen. Sometime later, he saw a young man in his place. Quite intrigued, Paramahamsaji went to him and asked where the other old man was. The new young beggar told him that this railway station now belongs to him. He further said that it is the daughter of that old man that he married and it was this railway station that the old man has granted him as dowry.

Most of us also think and move like this young beggar, considering the world we live in belongs to us. It is true that we live in this compound. Not only we don’t know who we actually are but we also have no idea on what all belongs to us.

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