Scientific laughter

  • Episode 18
  • 29-11-2022
  • 12 Min Read
Scientific laughter

I like to live with a rational brain, following the logical cause and effect way rather than letting somebody think for me. That doesn’t at all mean either everything in this universe is digestible to science or I am an agnostic. It’s an awareness of the reality of the present that we need most.

I have seen many people who were running in search of happiness – some had been going to pubs and some to holy places. Wherever it be, people continue going frequently and that means they do not get happiness from any of these places on a permanent basis. There are also some, who believe that happiness is a gift that Gods send by angels, because of God’s love for them. However, happiness and peace are not one. We know what all can happen if the percentage of sodium in our body drops – behaviour changes. Tides in the sea happens because of lunar behaviour specialities. Same is the reason for mental tides in our body too – it too is water by some 60-65%. People seriously affected are called lunatics. If we observe closely in a scientific way, we may see that happiness also is a scientific activity happening in the body, due to secretion of certain hormones within the body. A little citrus oxide is enough to make anyone laugh aloud!

There is some science behind external happiness. It is decided mostly by four types of hormones – Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin. There are many reasons for production of these hormones or neurotransmitters in the body. Mind is enough to inspire them out and thus remain happy.

Endorphin release happens with physical exercises. This interacts with the pain receptors in the brain and changes our attitude towards pain. It causes positive impacts on the body.

Morphine also does the same thing. In laughter therapy endorphins are found to be released in large scales. It is good to have laughing situations at least for thirty minutes each day. Fun and jokers will ever be there in life. Those who find more time to laugh will get more time to live too.

Dopamine works as a hormone and at the same time a neurotransmitter too – both in the body and the brain. We see the result; at times we feel the excitement of winning something or being appreciated lavishly. Also, this happens when we get a bike or sometimes a new dress. Here, Dopamine will be released extensively. This is one reason why children, spouses, workers etc. remain unhappy. They also yearn to be appreciated or accepted.

Next is the hormone Serotonin. It is released in our body, because of the immense pleasure we get from others’ satisfaction. It need not necessarily be the satisfaction of a human being. It can be that of an animal, plant or a thing to which we attribute it. This is one reason why pleasing others is happiness for everybody.

The last is Oxytocin. They are released when people are close. It can happen when somebody is hugged or exchanging a shake hand. It is the activity of these four hormones that ends up in the production of happiness. Let us pray to God to help us be happy – be it a chemical action or an organic development.

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