Am I smart?

  • Episode 21
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Am I smart?

People generally think that they are the smartest. It is the duty of our inner mind to generate such a feeling which is very essential in keeping the system on ‘go’. Truly there are smart and bright people. But there are also situations in which they also turn fooled. Such a story is heard about Confucius the Great Chinese traveller. He lived between BC 551 and BC 479. He had many disciples. He had been to many countries including India. He is said to have spoken in many ancient cities too.

On one of his journeys, he was moving through a village and he saw two boys quarrelling. Quite confident about finding a solution to their problem, he walked to them and asked them why they were fighting. One of them spoke. He said, “This thing says that the sun is nearer to us in the noon. But, is it not true that the closer a thing is, the bigger it is? I say the sun is nearer to us in the morning.” Immediately, the other boy jumped in between. He asked in a little louder voice.

“When is the day hotter, morning or noon? Is it when the sun is nearer that we feel more heat?”

Confucius looked at them; none of them seemed ready for a compromise. Confucius took his shoulder bag and slowly walked away!

Similar situations are possible in everybody’s life.

Here is another story. There, in an Ashram, lived a Guruji and a few students. As years passed by, the students developed a feeling that they have learned everything. Guruji wanted to teach them a lesson.

One fine morning, Gurujii was too late to wake up; did no morning poojas, prayers or yoga as usual. Also, he took no food, or sat with the students for the morning discourse. For hours, he continued sitting on the veranda of the Ashram, with his back on a pillar… idly looking afar.

Disciples one by one came to him and requested him to tell them if he needed help. He told each of them that the problem is not so easy for them to tackle. The senior most among them went to him a second time, requesting to share the problem and saying that perhaps there could be a solution. He told him, “The problem is that I had a typical dream the previous day. I saw myself flying over a beautiful garden with awesome flowers, most of them I had never seen. I was so happy that I drank honey to the full. Now, I see myself sitting on this ashram veranda. I’m not sure about my status now. When I was asleep, that garden-life was as real as anything to me. Now, sitting here also, I have the same feeling… as if everything is real! Who am I, the butterfly dreaming to be a man or a man who has dreamt to be a butterfly?”Guruji saw his students sharing the problem in between and everybody looked puzzled. Having served his purpose, Guruji slowly left the place and soon returned to his daily schedules!

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