What Shinichi Suzuki taught

  • Episode 98
  • 05-12-2022
  • 10 Min Read
What Shinichi Suzuki taught

In every society, there are enough stories of deeds categorised as technically correct but morally wrong. Our consciousness is not concerned with these rights or wrongs. It always keeps justifying whatever you do. It doesn’t even care that what they justify goes with the greater consciousness. Once, a mother decided to donate her kidney to her ailing son. Her husband had passed away long back and she had prepared her Will, sharing all the property, equally among all her children. It was then that both kidneys of one of her sons, failed.

All her healthy sons put their heads together and found that her kidney is worth at least rupees one lakh. They calculated that the hospitalised son getting a kidney free means that he is going to have an extra favour of one lakh. All her other sons jointly asked their mother to cut one lakh from his share and divide the amount equally among all of them. This is what happens when love is interpreted as matter. This also is one kind of justice according to matter regulations.

But the mystic Mulla Nasruddin is not scared even if somebody argues that truth has more dimensions. Nasruddin belongs to the category, arguing that there are at least

three kinds of truth. According to the story, there had been a serious fight between Mulla Nasruddin and his wife. The matter came to the court. The bench passionately heard what his wife had to say. Then the judge turned to Nasruddin for his explanation. Nasruddin told the judge that there are three kinds of truth in every dispute. The judge eagerly asked him what they were. Mulla said,

“One truth is what Your Honour just heard from her; another truth is what I’m going to explain right now and the third truth is what really happened!”

This Japanese story will explain the reason for most of these assaults and in fights. Shinichi Suzuki, a renowned violinist, was teaching a student, violin. The student learned everything beautifully well. Shinichi Suzuki asked his student to stop practising for one week. He told him that there are many more things for him to learn. He asked him to grow within, an enthusiasm to help others. For a beginning, he asked him to use every chance he gets to help others. This, he said, is his homework for the coming week.

Shinichi Suzuki who lived between 1898 and 1998 was not just an excellent musician. He was a philosopher, educator and the founder of the International Suzuki method of music education. He had spoken on many international stages too. To resolve those crucial issues between persons and groups, follow Shinichi Suzuki method of helping others at all possible chances. Ask all concerned, to work free in some charity homes for a week. If that is not possible, keep thanking God, assuming that the needs of many others are fulfilled. It is when we lose our connection with Nature that consciousness gets lost and misses its fibre. There, perfectness becomes impossible.

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