Food court University

  • Episode 24
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Food court University

This is a story that appeared in, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. This story was written by Marian Brenish. It was his experience during one of his visits to Washington D C, Union Station. That day, in December, the temperature was much below zero.

The only reason for him to get into the food court hall was warming up. As he finished a tea, sitting in front of one of the eateries, he felt an overall freshness. Slowly, he began to watch others sitting around.

Two things caught his special attention. The first was that the man sitting near him was visibly homeless and the next was that many were spilling food unnecessarily. The strong aroma that filled the hall was tempting him for an early breakfast. It was clear that the poor man sitting near also would’ve been feeling the aroma of the dishes and also wishing for any one of it. Brenish said that he would have definitely helped him, if he had stretched his hand or looked at him pitifully. To Brenish, it was unpredictable to say how long this old man was hungry.

Brenish wrote that it was an occasion in which a heavy fight went on within – between the heart and the brain – head telling the heart to ‘mind its business’, while heart kept pleading for at least one cappuccino.

Right then, he heard a well-dressed man talking to this old man. He said, “What we bought is a little over and since we do not like to throw this bowl away, it would be nice if you help us.” The old man received the bowl, thanking him a lot.

Brenish continued watching, how passionately the old man touched the bowl at all points, smelling it and kept looking at it. Very slowly he removed the top, as if highly aware of what he is doing. He began to drink it. Suddenly, something strange happened. We all saw a poor old man entering the hall. The old man took his eyes from the bounty and began watching this new guest. He had no hat, no gloves and no shoes either. His clothes were very thin for such a freezing December day. It was clear that he was struggling to breathe. Everybody in the hall noticed this but only this old man, who was sitting near Brenish walked forward to help him to their table. The old man squeezed his palms gently, gave a soft massage, all over his hands. Further, he gave him his jacket and then said, “My name is Jack, my brother; it was an angel who brought me this food today. I ate to the full! Still there are some. I also don’t like wasting food.“Good,” he replied. He continued reminding him that a man of his age eats only half of this.

It was too much for Brenish. He ran to the counter and returned with the biggest cup of coffee and the biggest dish of pastry. His eyes were wet. He brought the dishes to the table. Looked at the two old men.

“And dear brothers….” it was all that he could speak.

Brenish concluded his unique story saying that none of the love episodes he had ever seen in his life did match this Union Station play.

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