Vijayi bhava

  • Episode 27
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Vijayi bhava

Everybody is on a mad race – a race to be the first, everywhere! There are also stalwarts to whom growing is not at all a big task. Neither Facebook nor Kentucky chicken was falling from the heavens. None of them was mentored by any magical genie. We know that they all had a planned and calculated path and the necessary self- confidence. They also had failure experiences, which taught them to be better or the necessity of changing strategies. They not only knew to dream but also could prove their eligibility. Everywhere and for everything they had clear game plans. It is sad to say that the present generation is for short cuts rather than straight cuts, in the disguise of smart cuts.

Qualification of candidates is a crucial factor which the universe considers while helping someone to reach the top. Recently, I happened to read the story of a highly educated guy. Every company which let him in soon repented. Not because he didn’t know how to work but because every time his prime concern was his own personal matters. Added to that he used to lie for no reason. He believed that his lies do not harm anyone. In spite of the fact that he was hired to work for the company, the company was not sure if he will stand by them every time. And each company decided not to risk its future for a man who is not sure to be truthful every time.

Recently, a friend sent me four pictures, all of which were of household garages. It belonged to big companies. It was noted that they all began their work in those garages attached to their houses. It could be true. In USA, single houses have garage

cum store sheds attached to it. It was easy for them to do all initial experiments there. The question my friend asked was that if all these big companies could begin their adventures from these garages, why don’t we dare to begin something from that little space and resources we already have with us. It is to be remembered that all big trees were contained in small seeds, once.

Sometime back, according to a study on the richest people, it was found that 80% of them were nouveau rich. The reasons why the new generation is more a failure than success, are manifold. Self-confidence issues are seen on top. Living on the goal experience is not their path. Next comes hesitation to take responsibilities followed by inability to covert obstructions into chances. I assure you, there is a chance behind every obstacle. Lack of vision and management related issues add to the woes. Many people miserably fail to evaluate those available resources and utilise them at its best. Lack of enough patience to insist on quality and perfectness in everything is another disturbing factor. I think many entrepreneurs are not aware of the power of communication. most of their issues are communication related. Above all comes jealousy and competition – top reasons for a sure fall. Do not ever waste our creative energies for these mean emotions.

Get ready to DIE; that is Dream, Intend and Experience D I E. Set the dream as clearly as possible, intend that you reach there and live every moment in that experience of having reached there. Striking a fellow company from behind is not success. Be sure that the one to strike us from behind is already born. If we have a mindset for the poor and helpless, the universe also may show a similar attitude of kindness and consideration. Be faithful and honest to the universe and it also will be honest and faithful to us. We reap the fruits of what we have sown. A small hole is enough to sink a ship, how big it is.

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