Toxic friendship

  • Episode 80
  • 05-12-2022
  • 12 Min Read
Toxic friendship

One morning, the farmer spread a net over his crops in the field. Birds had been damaging his crops heavily. That evening, the farmer saw a lot of birds trapped in the net. Grey partridge, blue rock pigeon, house sparrows… all were there. Among them, there was one crane too. The crane cried, “Please don’t punish me. I have not eaten even a single grain. We mostly live on fishes and crabs.”

The farmer replied, “Maybe you are right, but you were caught together with those crop eating kinds. Everybody gets the same punishment.”

In many cases, this is the kind of argument, the accused generally do, when caught in groups. But do they deserve to be forgiven? The Greek saying states, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” “Thy friendship makes us fresh.” So wrote Shakespeare in Henry VI, Act 3. It all says the impact of friendship on individuals. Whatever be the nature of relationships, it reformats the concerned. When Draupadi was disrobed in the court of king Dhritarashtra, even the most righteous Bhishma did not respond in her favour. He was blinded because of the bad Kaurava company in which he was living.

Whatever be the scientific basis to this theory, this is an important rule in life. All those who would like to grow in the right direction or those who would like to see their children grow in the right angle may have to assure that they are in good relationships. Arrange an environment that goes with your dream. It’s’ a rule carved in stone.

This rule is applicable in the case of enlightened souls too. One of the three Buddhist jewels, ‘Sangham Saranam Gachami’ refers to the importance of being together.

There is the story of a lame horse. A rich man had a beautiful race horse. One day it began to stagger. Nobody could find the reason or suggest a solution. At last, the man took the horse to a hermit. The man explained how unsteadily this horse was walking. The hermit asked him about the trainer.

“Does he totter?” asked the hermit. Yes, he did. The rich man understood that it was from the day the new trainer took charge that the horse began to walk unsteadily. The man needed no further advice. He had to move the trainer…that’s all!

To make an electromagnet, we wind an electric wire into a coil. Those individual magnetic fields surrounding each electron and further each point of the wire interacts with those fields surrounding other points of the coil close by and ends up creating new and stronger magnetic fields. The rules of relationships also are more or less the same. When people of different characters join together, a new compromise field is generated.

Those individual bio energy fields add together to form a new compromise field that shares your karma. It may end up in giving and taking. It is because people get good elements in sharing that people generally like to be with saintly people. Just because we have positive thoughts on our children does not change their future in your favour. Give them good friends.

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