The power of trust

  • Episode 50
  • 30-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
The power of trust

Sailing on two boats at the same time is something wildly foolish or simply impossible! The rule is applicable in every activity in our life. May have to forget many and opt one, certainly the most luminous path. If one end of a seesaw should go up, the other end should invariably come down. I think the new generation has become byword for impatience. What they want immediately after their qualifying courses are highly paid jobs in a public sector concern and that in an office, where there are no restrictions at all. They are not ready to wait anywhere and make a remarkable leap. They keep jumping from company to company. I remember the words of a very honoured British celebrity, Simon Cowell. He said, “My Daddy asked me to work hard and wait patiently. That’s ever been the best advice I have received.” Patience in the real sense could even be infinite in nature. Once if we are doubtful or over anxious on the output, so much manipulation will result.

I share with you a live story that happened in early this millennium. The hero was a Malayalee final year B Tech student studying in Mumbai, at that time. He was one among the two, who represented the College in the international Quiz contest, organised by BBC. The Quiz Master was the famous TV craftsman Siddhartha Basu. Siddhartha Basu is not only an Indian TV producer- director but also a model quiz host. Practically it was impossible to answer his twisting questions. Always, the first to ring the bell got the first chance to answer and that would happen only if the signal is given almost immediately after Basu has begun the question. And at last, the boy we mentioned and his team won the first. The gift pack was quite exciting, which included cash prices, certificates of honour and a few days stay in London. Awarding ceremonies and other receptions were apart. Our hero had never been abroad and was over excited. In the meantime, he had appeared in the Ahmedabad IIM entrance test also. According to the entrance exam. results, he was on the top.

The next day, he went to Ahmedabad IIM, just to take formal permission for a week’s extension in joining the course, since he had confirmed his London visit. The professor gave a wide smile and told him that he can choose to have any number of days. The boy smelled something wrong. The Professor continued to say that he can choose between going to London once or going to London frequently after the course is over. He also told him that if joining IIM is postponed, his next option is an entrance exam next year. The boy took no time to cancel his London dreams. When I heard about our hero two decades later, I learned that he is Vice President of an American Bank and was settled in London.

A generation with millstones tied to their necks is grooming up. They don’t even know how harmful this is, while moving forward. Their assumption is that dreaming is all that is required to reach any goal. Remember how Dr A P J Abdul Kalam defined a dream. According to him, it is not something which we experience while asleep but something that keeps us always awake. Wish, if they had read his ‘Wings of Fire’, at least once. They are not ready to take a single step towards what they have dreamt. This pitiful condition is not limited to the younglings alone.

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