The longest jump

  • Episode 38
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
The longest jump

Let me tell you a story from Ramayana, which gives a great message. The story goes on saying that all monkeys joined together and thought of devising a plan to reach Sita who was abducted by Ravan and was imprisoned in Lanka. They had to cross the sea and the question was who would jump over it. Each of them declared the length they could jump. But the sea was much wider -100 yojanas. Hanuman also was there but was silent. The legend goes on saying that Hanuman was an incarnation of Shiva through the curse hit fairy, Anjaneya.

The monkeys were about to drop their plan of crossing the sea. Sugreeva the monkey king was very sorry, for he had promised Rama to send somebody to Lanka and pass his message to Sita. It was at that moment Jambovan, an aged saintly motivator, asked Hanuman, “Why don’t you say anything? Do you think that you can’t jump 100 yojanas? Don’t you remember what you asked your mother Anjaneya when she was returning healed of her curses, after giving birth to you? You asked her what you shall eat. She told you to eat any fruit, glowing red. And what did you do? Seeing the sun and misinterpreting it to be a fruit, you jumped to it. It was when Lord Indra hit you with his Vajrayudha that your jaw was broken. You can jump and that is not just 100 yojanas only. Hearing this, Hanuman stood up and announced, “I will!” and the story says that he did.

The ongoing generation thinks well but action is poor. Why is it so? Not a man to tell them or prove them what they can, lives. Also, we don’t have time to keep swimming in old motivating stories and get charged. Everybody always needs somebody to attend every time. Shame!Haven’t you heard the story of a man who helped the butterfly come out from its cocoon? He cut it open with scissors. But the butterfly never spread its wings or ate anything.

The Hitler that shook the world, the Alexander who conquered the world … all did for themselves what they were supposed to do! They knew their power and utilized it in full, never waiting for anyone to help.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) This Serbian scientist was a genius with immense knowledge in science and technology. He is a best example for utilizing own talents.

He could speak 8 languages and could re-create anything, just by seeing it once. A funny fact about him was that he was single, all his life.

Tesla had developed a lot of ideas by himself. He had generated ac before Edison thought about it. Marconi had been using the ideas of Tesla. Jagadish Chandra Bose also had been referring Tesla. The initial ideas of X-rays and RADAR too were from Tesla. It was he who organised the first hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls. His experiments with cryogenic engineering, and radio wave recorder from outer space also were of tremendous support. His neon lightening and electric motor were some of the finest inventions.

Even though Tesla did not like the idea of his findings being stolen, most of them were either copied, stolen or taken by somebody else. In 1943, he died in a hotel room; but nobody knew it for two days.

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