Learning to trust

  • Episode 51
  • 30-11-2022
  • 08 Min Read
Learning to trust

Life is a puzzle that is to be handled with much care. To extract the right meaning of various situations in holy Scriptures too we need much patience and perseverance. The epic Mahabharata is a solid example. Bhishma takes both Amba and Ambalika by force and gives them to Vichitravirya in marriage. When Vichitravirya died without children, Satyavati asks her son Vyasa to impregnate the queens according to the traditional Niyoga practice. During union with Vyasa, Ambika was scared of his appearance and so she kept her eyes closed; hence, her son was born blind. When Vyasa approached Ambalika, she became pale with fright. Her son Pandu was born pale in appearance.

In Palghat Dist. of Kerala State in India, there is a temple at Katambazhippuram, where Vayillakkunnilappan is worshipped. Though the deity there has no mouth, the deity is considered the God of sound and communication. The myth says that this God had a mouth when he was born. He lost his mouth because of a lie his mother spoke. The story goes saying that a Brahmin called Vararuchi married a lower caste girl called Panchami. On his way back to the place of Vikramaditya with his wife, Panchami kept conceiving and delivering babies. Every time she gave birth to a child, Vararuchi would ask her if the child had a mouth. If the answer was yes, she will be asked to leave the child there, for he believed that Nature, which gave it a mouth will feed it too.

Thus, Panchami had to leave eleven of her children on the way. When the 12 th child was born, she told her husband that it has no mouth, and so the child became. Varuruchi is believed to have installed this child deity on this hill top temple.

In all these cases, what happened to their children was exactly what their mothers intended – knowingly or unknowingly. This is the story of all manifestations. What that grows in the mind turns to words and then to shape. This is why positive thinking is held in high esteem. In Medical science, there is an effect called ‘placebo’, which uses no active properties. It is getting healed by faith in a particular physician, a kind of medicine or any treatment stream. If we observe all the miracle healing stories of Jesus as narrated in the Bible, we see that every time Jesus made sure that the recipients invariably asked for it and believed that He can do the miracle. Read 9:28 from the Gospel of St. Matthew. When Jesus was in a house, two blind people prayed to Him to heal them. We read Jesus asking them if they believe so.

Whatever it is that we wish, intend or propose, it should be followed by a positive thought in its favour. This is applicable everywhere, be it a goal, our growth, our health and a contest. There is a popular technique used by dentists while plucking teeth. If it is a very painful process, the doctor simultaneously asks the nurse to give a hip injection. It is not mandatory that the syringe should have anything in it. It diverts the patient’s attention and tooth plucking pain is reduced.

Only those who patiently listens to the guru, understands what he shares. Same is the case with his blessings too. The one who sits in front of a guru as if totally blank, only gets. Better than considering Upanishads as the end of Vedas, look at it as ‘upa’ (close), ‘nishad’ (sitting) = learning by sitting at his feet. The disciple is close to guru but a little low in level.

In many situations we would have seen people saying that ‘I knew that it would happen’. It is quite reasonable to think
that things so happened in a particular way, simply because he or she intended it to be so.

It is advised that take prayer help only from those who actually know to pray. Praying for a sick old man with an understanding in mind that he is not likely to recover may be damaging. Most of the prayers we do are negative in nature. If we actually mean good health and overall welfare of somebody, speak and wish only positive things. This rule is applicable in our case too. If it is growth that we mean, intend that it manifests the way we wished and every time behave as if it has turned real. The less we are suspicious the more beautiful the manifestation will be.

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