Charity Express

  • Episode 40
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Charity Express

In a busy bus, a passenger stood up to leave, but the man waiting near him did let another one occupy this seat. Again, when the same seat was vacated, this particular man gave the chance to another standing behind. And it continued up to the destination point. Quite curious about this strange behaviour, the man who was watching all these followed him and asked him why he refused to sit. He replied, “I work in a factory far away. I was very poor in mathematics and so could not continue my studies and thus procure a high profile job. I also had much to shoulder. That’s why I was compelled to go so far for a job. I’m quite unable to help others with money or expertise. But a man working all day standing, can stand one and a half hours more.”

Service mentality not only entertains the mind but also improves body chemistry. According to a study done on a few people who passionately watched a Mother Teresa service movie, it was found that the Immunoglobulin E (IgE) factor in their body changed. IgE is an antibody secreted by the defence mechanism in the body. Such hormone secretions happen in any body. In case others’ happiness makes us also happy, it is found that Serotonin hormones are emitted in large quantities. This is one among the four laughter creating hormones in the body.

Dr Deepak Chopra says that a filament bulb glows only if there is an electron current through the filament. An electron can come in only if one of it goes out. That is, only when we give something, something comes in. This is true with everything. If what we share is jealousy, what that comes in would be more of the same. All those who yearn to grow, necessarily should know this rule of earning grace. Only if we love others, we also will get it.

In US, at an average of 2%, income is donated. There are also US individuals, who donate even more than 90% of their income towards charity. Charity should be developed into a culture. We also need proud agencies that promote this passion. according to a recent evaluation, donations to charity services were found increasing by12%. Nice to see that public awareness is growing in its favour.

I think that we need more promoters than donation organisers. The Order of St John UK Award for Organ Donation honours the donors posthumously and their remaining family members in the UK.

Everywhere there are people with hearts bent for others. In most crisis situations, especially that of organ transplantations, the money required would be very high and planned fund-raising programmes are necessary. Today, there are reliable organisations which help people to reach the public, effectively. Usage of images, appropriate presentation of the story … all should help others to attach with the episode emotionally. There are various ways to support organ transplantation missions.

Just like the worker who decided to continue standing for some more time, motivate the world to stand for the suffering. It can be through financial contributions, joining similar fund raising or awareness drives, initiating campaigns, organising donors and finally offering to donate. Do it right now. This is the best time to do something, not tomorrow.

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