Help Sick People

By Dr. Archana Bharat on 22-08-2017

Even close relationships can become strained when one of the pair becomes seriously ill. By reaching out to a sick friend, you not only provide much needed assistance, but also find ways to cope with the situation yourself.
A sick person probably feels miserable, so send him a card with a warm message to brighten his day a little.
If you take a road accident victim to the nearest Hospital, it may give him a new lease of life.
When a neighbour, friend or relative falls sick you can help them with simple tasks like cleaning and cooking. You may also prepare food and take it for them or bring their medicines.  Make sure they are not lonely or bored, be there for them and talk to them. Ensure they get plenty of fluids. Remain in communication with your sick friend. Very often, people are there with cards and calls when they first learn of a friend’s illness. After a few weeks, this kind of support can taper off, leaving the sick friend lonely and depressed. Keep the support coming, even if it is only by e-mail. It uplifts a sick person’s sprits when she knows that her friends are thinking of her.
Donate freely to a place that helps people who are sick. Collect books from your neighbourhood and take them to a hospital.
If you can spare some time to care for patients at a hospital it is the noblest form of social service.

About The Author

Dr. Archana Bharat

Archana Bharat MA, MPhil, PhD (University Gold Medalist) is an avid reader and writer, who is greatly influenced by the philosophy of Sant Kabir. Together with her husband Shri Bharat Bhushan she is contributing greatly to Noida unit of Kabir Peace Mission.