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By Dr. Archana Bharat on 01-08-2014

The sun produces a tremendous amount of energy and will continue producing it for billions of years. Hence solar energy is considered the ultimate renewable energy. The other sources of energy, especially oil are fast depleting so it is essential to look for another sustainable source of energy. In future, solar energy will be the largest source of global energy for a number of reasons.
Many people choose to use it due to its positive environmental impact, financial benefits and energy independence. Global warming and climate change are major issues facing the world today and you can be part of the solution by taking advantage of solar energy. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce the harmful pollutants responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect which leads to global warming.
Another key factor for homeowners considering solar energy is the financial aspect. The financial benefits of solar energy can be seen in reduced electricity bills as you use solar energy for electricity, lighting, heating and cooling.By using solar energy, you will reduce your dependence on the utility companies as you’ll be able to produce your own solar power electricity. Solar energy also gives you a level of reliability and security that other energy sources can’t match. When your neighbours do not have power due to an outage, you will not be affected since your home generates its own electricity and heat. People who are already taking advantage of today’s solar energy technology are saving money and saving the environment and can feel good about being responsible global citizens.
There are four basic uses of solar energy – solar electricity, solar heating, solar cooling and solar lighting. Electricity can be generated by using photovoltaic solar cells which are combined into solar panels and connected to an inverter to produce electricity.
Solar energy can also be used to heat your home, domestic water and swimming pool. Solar heating systems collect, store and distribute solar energy. Solar cooling takes advantage of the sun in the hot summer months and use its energy in cooling devices. Solar energy lighting can be used to enhance your home’s outdoor features or to provide natural interior lighting. The future of solar energy is indeed bright.

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