Shining Wings

By Joseph Mattappally (the Author), Webandcrafts Books (the Publisher)


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Publisher Webandcrafts Books
Language English
Paperback NA
Item Weight 150 g

Shining Wings tell you how people have handled situations at its varying nature. A chain is strong only by its weakest link. Learn to make an amazing take off!

Sri. Joseph Mattappally is a writer, yoga teacher, Radio Amateur (VU2JIM) and corporate mentor. He is the author of the much read motivational story series, Lifeʼs Lessons. The best of his books are Success Secrets, Gateway to HamRadio, Shining Wings series, Valarchayude Rahasyangal (Malayalam) and Reiki Anubhavam Avabodham Valarcha by Dr Shamal Durve (Malayalam translation).