Inspired by Nature

By Dr. Mini Chacko (the Author), Indian Thoughts Books (the Publisher)


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Publisher Indian Thoughts Books
Language English
Paperback Paperback - 112 pages
ISBN-13 978-81-93886-85-4
Item Weight 130 gm

Places and people, phases and periods, incidents and info, issues and images, that have forced me to stop and ponder along my journey, Is ‘Inspired by Nature’ all about.

Born in Kerala, educated in Kanpur and Chennai, Dr. Mini Chacko completed her Ph.D with Plant Biotechnology as her specialisation. A teacher of Botany by profession, her career ethos lies in the vitalising, mentoring and moulding of young minds. A Humanitarian and an accomplished academic, Dr. Mini Chacko has spent the better part of her life, nurturing and enriching the lives of those around her, which in turn has garnered her the respect and admiration of colleagues and students alike. A wealth of Mentors and Mentees occupy a major part of her Treasure Chest as she completes 27 years in the teaching profession. Over time, her interest in technology gave way to a passion for the Environment, Deep ecological concepts and Eco spirituality. She was Head, Department of Botany (201619) and presently holds the office of Vice Principal and Controller of Examinations, CMS College Kottayam (Autonomous). A moonlighting poet, her writings are more educative than aesthetic and reflect life experiences that span across 56 years.

The truth of human experience

Overwhelmed by all her poems, I was specifically inspired by “The Deluge”, where she has articulated the truth of human experience that views the world in a new perspective. In “Spinster sisters”, she has delved into images and feelings that touch the reader's heart. “Seedʼs woe” and “Glory lily” are concise and impactful expressions of a true nature lover. The humour in “His Break-fast” and the thrill of “Spellbound” are worth mentioning. The rhyming effect and connect with emotions, make her poems more appealing to readers. I congratulate Dr Mini Chacko for this invaluable creation that spreads across natureʼs quest, human relationships, love and much more.

Dr. G. Rani, Principal (Retd.), SDNB Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai.

20 Dec,2022
Bearing big pearls of humanity

Mini Chacko's poems are little oysters bearing big pearls of humanity. It's easy to lose weight and become a feather, forget all hate to soar further and further through them, in them and with them. Rare moments of achievement where we get to swallow a sound-box for breakfast nay insight.

Elzy Tharamangalam Poet and Translator

20 Dec,2022
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