Gateway To Ham Radio

By Joseph Mattappally (the Author), Main Stream Media Ernakulm (the Publisher)


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Publisher Main Stream Media Ernakulm
Language English
Paperback paper back - 242 pages
ISBN-13 978-81-938868-1-6
Item Weight 249 gm

This book contains all the basics that an aspirant/beginner in Amateur Radio needs to know and learn. The basic knowledge imparted by this book will certainly enable the reader to clear the ASOC examination for obtaining a Ham Radio licence. This also sheds much light on Ham Radio in India.

Sri. Joseph Mattappally is a writer, yoga teacher, Radio Amateur (VU2JIM) and corporate mentor. He is the author of the much read motivational story series, Lifeʼs Lessons. The best of his books are Success Secrets, Gateway to HamRadio, Shining Wings series, Valarchayude Rahasyangal (Malayalam) and Reiki Anubhavam Avabodham Valarcha by Dr Shamal Durve (Malayalam translation).

A good reference book.

The basic knowledge impaired by this book gives a clear idea about Ham Radio and ASOC exam. I think that every Ham shack may have this as a good reference book.

Prof. Mrs Prathibha Patil, Auranagabad

20 Dec,2022
insightful and inspiring

Very informative and has been written in a simple way. The relevance of HAM in today's world even with the advancement in technology is very insightful and inspiring. Also chapters explaining electronics and other topics are written for easy understanding for people of any age group without any engineering background.

C.N.Mohan (Amateur Radio aspirant), Pune

20 Dec,2022
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