Ultimate Spirituality

By Dr. K S Radhakrishnan on 11-08-2017

Spirituality has often been misunderstood as observance of customs and rituals connected with religion. Customs and rituals are the part of religion but religion is something more than what customary practises can do. As man cannot live without bread, no religion can also be practised without rituals and customs. But as everyman needs, every word come from the mouth of God to surpass the test of time. Religion needs spirituality which need not be acquired by practise of religious rituals alone.

Spirituality has not been meant to be practised by a group of gifted few but is meant for one and all, including the
sinner and the saint. A sinner who need not be religious in the ordinary sense of the term can also be elevated to the world of spirituality, even at the eleventh hour of his life, through his actions. Spirituality can precisely be described as an action dedicated to subserve the purposes of God. Any human action that infuses self-confidence among the weakest of the weaker is a Godly action. Therefore, it is sensible to think that God always appears in the form of bread before a hungry man.

The moment you feed a hungry man, you witness God. To feed the hungry means, to share whatever one has with the rest. So dumping the dining table with delicious food items in our dining room is really a crime against man and God, because God means only the essential items to meet the need of all and provides nothing to satisfy the greed of one. Therefore, spirituality can be defined as the human effort to regulate oneself to take the minimum from the Nature. That is, spirituality is the human effort to fix the minimum by oneself.

About The Author

Dr. K S Radhakrishnan

Dr. K S Radhakrishnan (formerly Vice-Chancellor of Sri Sankaracharya University and Chairman, Kerala Public Service Commission) is a learned scholar who has been earnestly trying to revive the ancient knowledge in Indian culture. He worked as a lecturer early in his life and now lives an eloquent advocate of social and cultural causes.