Wounds unhealed

  • Episode 35
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Wounds unhealed

Quite recently, I happened to attend an online class on healing with mudras. Mudra is a pose or gesture in yoga or a symbolic hand gesture in dance. I heard in the class that even chronic problems are healed through mudra therapy. I think all of you might have noticed, people sitting in meditation with hands in certain mudras. This is certainly an added healing technique many would not have noticed as such. I have no doubt in its efficacy. Even though Providence has given us immense openings, generally we refuse to try them. One reason is that religions and cultures do not promote them, mostly because they have not understood it. Spiritual workers always have a say in our lives. We simply trust their words, never looking into its merits. Leave it …let those who love to believe, believe!

The next morning, a member of the WhatsApp group wrote that her lady friend is otherwise abled and she has no thumps. Without thumps there are no hand gestures either. She continued commenting, how lucky we are. It was enough to wet my eyes. It was a very touching statement from her heart. In this small span of life, from which someday we all disappear somewhere, without accepting and respecting what we have, we run after money, power and name. Still, if we are allotted just one moment before we die, we might repair a broken relationship.

During the Covid-hit days, we saw many who believed themselves to be smart, wither off helpless. In silence, they would have been telling us to utilise every moment, we have in store. In case we are educated, remember that there are crores  of Indians who couldn’t visit a School. If you are well fed all four times of a day, remember that there are crores of Indians, struggling for just one meal each day. If you have a roof above your head, it means that you don’t belong to the lakhs of homeless in India. And if you are still alive and not killed in any of the communal clashes, that too gives a mighty reason to be happy and in gratitude. Still, if you haven’t yet seen these blessings, there is no meaning in a discourse.

The greatest gifts I have got are my teachers. I remember one of them having said recently that there could be damages in relationships. It could be the other who would have actually wronged. The question is how you can punish another for having not been able to grow like you? You have to heal it. If you couldn’t do it in this birth, you may have to come here again, perhaps for thousands of births, just to heal that simple relationship.

Never miss a chance to heal a broken relationship or let a situation pass away without serving its purpose.

The Dog philosophy One day an old dog found a puppy chasing his tail, and in doing so going round and round and never succeeding to catch the tail. An old dog who was observing what was happening asked the puppy what he was doing?

The puppy told the senior that he had been studying dog philosophy and has found out that the happiness of a dog is situated on his tail and that he was trying to catch it.

The older one told the puppy that all his life he was also studying dog philosophy and his finding also was the same. But he continued to say that he had also found that if he ran after the tail he never succeeded in catching it, but if he went about quietly doing his business, the tail (with the happiness) followed him wherever he went.

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