The secret of power

  • Episode 85
  • 05-12-2022
  • 08 Min Read
The secret of power

Once a traveller lost his way while passing through a village. Adding to the woes, his car got stuck in the mud. His efforts to take the car out were of no use. He walked to the house he saw nearby. It belonged to an old farmer. The farmer listened to him patiently and started off towards the car with his old donkey and a piece of rope. The farmer hitched the donkey to the car.

“Warwick can take the car from the ditch,” he said.

With a snap of the rein the farmer shouted, “Pull, Fred! Pull, Jack! Pull, Ted! Pull Warwick!” And the car quickly came out of the ditch. The traveller was amazed! He patted the donkey, thanked the farmer and asked him why he had called a few other names too. The farmer told the traveller, “Old Warwick is just about blind. As long as he believes that he is part of a big team, he doesn’t mind pulling.”

It was when I thought of the falling self-confidence level in people that I remembered this story. One reason is that people are compelled to believe that they are alone and that even God presence may happen only in controlled situations. An individual is totally disarmed. No doubt, here, religions are the responsible forces behind! They hide the truth that every cell is filled with God consciousness.

Zen Buddhists are best at making others think. They say that revelation of truth is like showing the moon, pointing the finger towards it. Nobody is going to see the moon, just looking at the tip of the finger.

A king was walking through the muddy streets of the city. Finding it difficult to walk without getting the legs dirty, the king ordered the minister to spread leather all over the road. The best technique was always covering each leg with a shoe. Science is soaring high; drones, hydrogen vehicles, variety smartphones…. But there are people who still hesitate to accept advanced facilities. Acceptance does not mean using them.Extensive research is being done on the principles of positive thinking… on activating the subconscious mind, on acquiring talents, improving memory and usage of health enhancing behaviours etc. We keep on answering such thrilling questions. The world is moving quite systematically. There is an answer for everything. And everything is scientific too.

Sometime back, there were stories saying that USA and Russia used to tap military secrets from confidential files, using telepathy. There are also examples of resolving issues using subtle powers of the subconscious mind. The doors of knowledge are opened wide. Regret for the poor extremists of varying kinds, who remain shut!

A rich lord had two pet crows in his house. Even though they were feeding on the kitchen waste, they grew fat…. It was then that they heard that two swans had flown down to the beach nearby. The crows, however, did not like their master appreciating the swans for their beauty and grace. The crows challenged the swans for a flying contest. Because of repeated pressure from the part of the crows, the swans accepted the challenge and once again flew over to the ocean. The crows were fast in the beginning. But very soon they became tired and began looking for a rest point. Before long, the swans saw the crows falling down into the water, dead. The swans turned back and flew ashore.

Every time, these extremists appear like crows. They live thinking that knowledge is all that they know.

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