Still puzzling

  • Episode 88
  • 05-12-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Still puzzling

Is God real? For Gautam Buddha, both answers ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ made no difference. Nobody has so far discovered the atom of God or God himself. We know a few things about a subtle energy range called consciousness. Scientists say that this consciousness is the same as God energy in many features. Consciousness also has no beginning and end – no size and quality either. It also is not time bound.

Look at Nature and realise the potentials of consciousness. When watching videos on animal life I get surprised to see how unbelievably Nature protects every creation. Every being is given enough space to exist, grow and multiply and everything at high precision. Every individual cell is loaded with all necessary knowledge it may need.

We see brachiation exercises of a monkey. Many times, it appears that monkeys don’t take any time to think and decide. They easily navigate between trees and their decisions appear to be the most appropriate at that particular time. Humans also contain this ability to live instinctively; but it is hidden by the grace of double consciousness and humans are the only beings in this universe that can think that it is thinking.

In my School days, I have seen blind beggars, with steel walking sticks with bells, go begging. At the sound of the bell, people come to the road and drop coins in their bowl. But I have never heard any of them die in a road accident. The consciousness within may be guiding them instinctively. A close observation reveals that some mysterious intelligence is guiding everything in this universe – plants and animals alike.

Reflex action is defined as a sudden and involuntary response to stimuli. But the sort of action visibly driven or guided by planned intelligence undoubtedly comes under super reflex action. In such cases, a body arranges itself to face a situation, the details of which are known only to the subconscious mind. People who have escaped from accidents, quite unbelievably, may tell us about those inexplicable developments that saved them. Not many know about such an inherent power within.

This is a quite difficult topic to conclude easily. We are formed from that one single stem cell in the mother’s womb, which was further divided into many cells and each assigned with different responsibilities. There should necessarily have been a common controlling consciousness. What happens when the body gets a small cut? New cells are born and the skin grows to cover them. We say that the wound is cured. Who organises this process? Certainly, the Ultimate Consciousness! It is always trying to communicate with us. But who on earth knows its language? Either we are we are dived in, for or against this consciousness, it does not change.

This consciousness fills every minute particle in this universe. It’s impossible to defeat anybody who lives in the experience of this power. Always it is safe to be under its care – the best technique is absolute surrender.

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