Our value

  • Episode 96
  • 05-12-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Our value

In the famous American comedy, ‘Mass Appeal’, the legend Jack Lemmon appeared in the dress of an old Christian priest. From the pulpit he announced that he is going to make the shortest of sermons in his life – just 30 seconds long. He said that he is going to share three facts.

“Millions across the world are poor. Let the celebrating majority go damned.

I know that it was the word damn I used that would have hit you more than the truth that millions are hungry. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost…. Amen.”

That’s how we all are. We do not see what we are to see, and do not contain what we are supposed to. Nature continues dividing everything equally among all the 800 crores living here. They get 800 crores variety meals in 800 cores variety bowls. Everybody is given the ability to interpret a given situation, the way he likes – sorrowful or joyful. The pleasure a poor man derives while sleeping on his jute bed on the veranda floor of his leaky hut, may be much more than that of a billionaire sleeping on a Vividus bed. The billionaire is in fear and stress. Still, Nature makes him think that he is the happiest. The poor man, on the other side, has no mails to check, cheques to pass, missed calls to clear and itinerary to confirm. May not have any profile related status punches too to maintain. He is fed at the simple effort of stretching his bowl. But Nature makes him feel that he is the most suffering person.

All these issues happen just because everything is compared with each other. Is it not always better to react, fully  realising the facts? We are always busy selling and buying in this world market. Politicians have strategies, industrialists have products, farmers have crops, artists have aptitudes, attorneys have knowledge, workers have muscle power, officers have authority … all are sold at best prices, well packed in attractive boxes. Now it has come that every person is a product open for sale.

A lady once put an advertisement. “Exceptionally beautiful, intelligent and multi-talented girl, just in 25, invites proposals from young men with an annual income of $ 1 million or above.” A rich gentleman who read this wrote,

Hello my glamorous princess,

As a professional investor, I would like to analyse your demands. My yearly income is more than what you have asked for. From the perspective of a flourishing businessman like me, proposing to marry you is a bad decision. What you suggest is beauty in exchange for money. A sells beauty and B buys it. The problem here is that beauty fades without reason but money does not change its value. Instead, it keeps increasing in business. According to an economist, you will grow into an obligation while my income grows into an asset. If appearance is your only asset, it is sure to fall after a few years. According to the business strategy, things deteriorating in value are either sold out or exchanged.

Don’t take it otherwise. A millionaire is never a fool! They may come for a date with you but may not get into a contract with you. Who am I to say that all rich people are wise? There could be stupid guys too, everywhere.

Once again kindly check what you have put for sales. If they are qualities like charity, honesty, kindness, humility, responsibility and consistency …. their value always keeps multiplying. But the opposite is true with money, power, family strength, beauty, muscle power, public support etc…

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