Mysterious Nature

  • Episode 31
  • 29-11-2022
  • 10 Min Read
Mysterious Nature

Mother Nature is full of mysteries, undoubtedly at deeper subtle layers. We don’t know where those aircrafts and ships that tried the Bermuda triangle have disappeared! In Russia there is a dancing forest, in which all trees are curled in different shapes. The Jatinga valley in Assam is famous for low flying birds. They fly over the place, as if unconscious.

The way plants multiply, the way animals feed, the way birds make nests … all have mysterious backdrops. Everything in this Universe has provisions to exist, grow and multiply. Every particle is blessed with a layer of wisdom in and around it. Lion needs eyes in its front to bounce upon its prey – so was it given. The deer needs to be aware of its enemies from all sides – they have eyes that open sideways. High flying eagles have long view lenses in their eyes. When it is spring, the earth tunes accordingly. Quite strange are the ways of Nature!

We hear stories of atrocities on a regular basis. Many times, I think why this is so? When Rethnakar comes to my mind such mean thoughts get transcended. The Rethnakar, I mean, is our Valmiki only. He was the son of sage Pracheta. At a very young age, he got lost in the forest and it was a hunter who brought him up.

Ratnakar grew into an excellent hunter and dacoit. He attacked people going from one village to another, frightened them and snatched away all that they had. He even killed people. He did it to feed his family and until he met Maharshi Narada or better to say until he heard the praise of Vishnu as sung by Narada, everything was right for him.

Remember that it is the same Rathnakar who wrote Ramayana that contains 24,000 slokas. It is believed that the book ‘Yoga Vasishta’ also was written by Valmiki. This is a book followed by Sri Ram too. What I wanted to share is that nothing in this universe is meaningless, so was Narada’s journey through the forest. His veena also had a purpose. The end result of the transformation was unimaginable! It was just a split moment of realisation that converted a wild robber into a learned sage.… It all happened the moment he decided to surrender. All these siddhis were right in him even before his transformation.The same is true with all human beings too. Tremendous potential and unimaginable level of talents remain hidden within, quite unexplored. Everybody needs some mentoring, because people generally think that they are following the best available at that moment of time. They need some fire to break everything out. Devotion may help!

What we need is thorough transformation by mind and spirit. Take the case of Rethnakar, Narada made no discourse; He also did not even comment that anything which happened was inappropriate. Our assumptions also might continue only until one Narada appears! Nobody can help, if we refuse to see Narada walking along together or hear his veena?

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