Do not spoil the chances

  • Episode 5
  • 09-11-2022
  • 08 Min Read
Do not spoil the chances

History repeats…. no example is required to prove it! No one who slipped into the Niagara Falls has come back. That is just what happens to anyone who falls from a height of 187 feet. But I am not for similar generalisations everywhere, because the Niagara stories also are not fully true. As per the available records, during the past 120 years, more than a thousand have fallen in this Falls, but more than 50 of them were saved. It is also said that one of them later died, slipping on a banana peel and falling down.

Blindly believing in repeating history has ever been one mighty reason for the failure of humanity. People refuse to trust the universe and its capacity to provide unique openings, exclusively for each. See that all those who collapsed falling from Niagara were not hurt in the same manner. Some broke their skulls, some their spines and some others their legs and so on. Here is the big problem! History never repeats in its minute details! Also, Nature has its unique and safe plans to take you ahead! But what if we do not trust Nature? After preliminary education, a student sits down and thinks about a safe career he has to choose. But as he finishes the qualifying courses, the glamour of that particular career need not be the same. It does not mean that it will keep declining or improving. We need to be tuned to changing strategies every time.

Hear the story of a young king. In a small country, there was a strange tradition of changing the king every year. Anybody was welcome to choose to be the king but as he finishes his term, he will be deported to a wild island nearby with no support at hand. The island was a forest with all sorts of animals, wild and mild. That is, any one pushed into this island was never likely to return alive. And the men were returning after pushing the newly retired king on this island. On their way back, they saw a young man surfing in the waves holding a wooden piece. They saved the man. He belonged to a ship that sank there, the previous day. The man was taken to their country and was anointed the king. The young man knew that he also would be deported one day. In the second week of his coronation, he took some 100 men with him and went to this royal island cemetery. He cleaned a portion of the island, fenced it from wild animals, built beautiful cottages of varying standards and opened it for tourists. Very soon, he became a king yearning to be deported.

Everybody has in front of them threatening stories of repeating history. But know that the sweetest of fruits are covered with sore or thorny skins. I remember the story of a shoe company representative who visited a village. Unfortunately, walking on shoes was not a practice there and nobody had one pair of that kind with them. He returned in disappointment and duly reported the matter. The company could not believe this story. It sent another representative to confirm the position. The second one came there and found that the story is true. But he wrote to the company asking it to send him all the shoes that they had manufactured in the previous month. He also wrote that he is going to stay there to help them learn to use shoes.

Whom do you like most, the representative who stayed back to train the villagers or the king who changed the destiny of the island? My advice is that it is good to have small statues of both on your office table. It will be quite inspiring, every time!

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