By Sr. Dr Lilly on 21-01-2014

Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought– Hazlitt
Simplicity is nothing but an act of love, pure and simple, with one aim to acquire the love of God. Our soul is truly simple when we have no other goal than this in mind, in everything we do. The function of simplicity is to lead us directly to God without heeding human respect or our own interests. It makes us speak frankly and from the heart; it makes us act with sincerity, without hypocrisy and pretence; and finally it keeps us far from every sort of double dealing. All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single word; freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy and hope. The only simplicity that matters is the simplicity of the heart. If that be gone, it can be brought back by no turnips of cellular clothing; but only by tears and terror and the fires that are not quenched.
To become childlike or simple:
Uncomplicate your life, be open and honest. Don’t be afraid to admit, “I can’t do that” or I don’t know.” Don’t hide your feelings or be afraid to show affection. Delight in simple things. Enjoy being you. Know who you are, what you can do and what is expected of you.  Don’t hold grudges; let the past be past. Whatever happens, do not shed simplicity. To judge from our good books, one might suppose that God tests his saints as a blacksmith does a bar of iron, to try its strength.
William Pit, the great Prime Minister, had as a friend a Scotsman called Dundas. He had grown to depend on Dundas very greatly. He said of Dundas; “Dundas is no orator, not even a speaker, but Dundas will go out with you in any kind of weather.” Dundas had none of the showy qualities, but he had something greater— you could depend on him hail, rain or shine.Simplicity is the badge of distinction.

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