By Acharya Sachidananda on 30-10-2017

Two little boys and their father got into the train. The two children were weeping but the father did nothing to stop them weeping louder and louder. The gentleman sitting next felt disturbed and asked the father to tell his sons stop crying. But the father did not say a word. The gentleman was visibly angry. He asked the father why he did not stop his sons being such a nuisance to the fellow passengers.
‘Let them cry. It is good for them’ said the father.
‘How could you be so insensitive to the comfort of the fellow passengers?’ Asked the gentleman.
‘We are returning from their mother’s funeral’ said the father. The gentleman felt ashamed of himself for being so insensitive to the pain and agony of the children who lost their mother.

Note: It is very rarely that our assumptions match the spirit of any situation. Always leave a space for a different possibility.

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Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.