Empty Stomachs…..

By Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin on 29-10-2010

Poverty is the
biggest problem that plagues humanity today.A sizeable chunk of the human
society is below the poverty line.

who won freedom for us through an innovative struggle based on truth and
nonviolence said ‘’ the first task of independent India is to wipe tear from
every eye’’. Mahatmaji put forward his concept of trusteeship in the matter of
distribution of resources. This presupposes that the poor have a right to share
these resources .Unless poverty is eliminated there will not be any peace in
the world. God has bestowed many gifts and blessings on us and all the
religions teach us that we have an obligation to share these fortunes with our
less fortunate brotheren and sisters.

to Islamic doctrine, all resources belong to God and those who are in position
of these resources have only a limited right to spend them as ordained by God.
In other words the poor and havenots have a defined share in these resources
and parting with that is not a charity but their right. Abubakr the first
Caliph even declared a war against those people who refused to discharge this
obligation(Zakat) after the demise of holy prophet.

religions have stressed the importance of arms giving, but unfortunately we
neglect these teachings and behave as if all our possessions are acquired by
our sheer efforts and that nobody has got any claim over it and it is this
mindset that leads to conflicts in the society.

About The Author

Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin

Hon. Justice P K Shamsuddin (High Court of Kerala) is a great Gandhian and a noted humanitarian, who could successfully steer World Fellowship of Inter-religious Councils. His relentless efforts for inter religious harmony was awarded by HH Pope John Paul 2nd and Parliament of World Religions.