Do Not Pollute Our Environment

By Dr. Archana Bharat on 31-10-2014

Pollution prevention is an exceptionally major global concern because of pollution’s harmful effects on the person’s health and on the environment. Environment pollution comes in various forms such as noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution. Everyone is a stake-holder as we all are inhabitants of this mother earth. Each person has something to contribute to promote effective pollution prevention awareness initiatives. Environmental protection ensures a sustainable future for generations to come. We should therefore cooperate and actively participate in making the atmosphere pollution free. Individually we can help combat pollution in our own immediate environment. Most countries have already addressed the issue by passing some form of pollution prevention acts and measures.
Averting the onset of pollution in any area, be it on air, water or land could be the start and the simplest preventive solution to the problem. This calls for a conscientious effort to adopt good practices or habits by the people, the passage and proper implementation of appropriate government laws and the strict compliance especially by potential industrial pollutants. If there are no pollutants, there will be no pollution but somehow industrial development comes with the burden of pollution. The cost to business and its commercial ramifications make the simple preventive approach quite complicated and difficult to implement. However, this seemingly difficult situation does not deter environment protection advocates to pressure their dream of a clean and green environment. We can help them by following certain simple measures. To reduce sound pollution, keep the volume of your TV or music system low, honk the car horn sparingly, discourage use of loudspeakers and avoid the use of band and crackers in wedding processions.
To prevent air pollution, keep smoke emission from homes, factories and vehicles to a minimum. Stop smoking. Use unleaded petrol in your cars, keep your car properly maintained. Never use open fires to dispose of wastes. Industries should use fuel with lower sulphur content. Industries should monitor their air emissions in compliance to the prescribed standards.
You may reduce water pollution by not dumping garbage near communal taps, wells and other water bodies. Immerse holy idols in authorized places. Industries should refrain from disposing their chemical wastes in water bodies. Wash your car on a grassy area. Recycle and reuse materials and do not use plastic bags. Save all forms of energy like electricity, petrol and water. Plant trees and use natural resources sparingly. Everyone can help by adopting good and healthy practices. Every action of a person with regard to his surroundings has an effect on the environment. By becoming aware and doing the right action, we can be part of the solution to this problem.

About The Author

Dr. Archana Bharat

Archana Bharat MA, MPhil, PhD (University Gold Medalist) is an avid reader and writer, who is greatly influenced by the philosophy of Sant Kabir. Together with her husband Shri Bharat Bhushan she is contributing greatly to Noida unit of Kabir Peace Mission.