Do Not Litter

By Dr. Archana Bharat on 14-02-2014

Litter can cause a whole range of problems for everyone in the community. It is a threat to public health as it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Items such as broken glass and syringes can be a health hazard in public places. Accumulated litter and carelessly discarded cigarette butts are potential fire hazards. Litter negatively affects the image of places, especially tourist locations. Litter harms our waterways. It travels through the storm water drainage system to our bays and oceans, where it can cause harm to wildlife. Animals can get their heads trapped in glass jars and metal cans when trying to lick out the contents. Put the lids back on jars and crush metal and plastic food containers before recycling them. Animals can even get entangled and killed by fishing lines that have been discarded carelessly. Never throw food or litter out of a car window. It attracts animals to the road where they can be killed or injured by other cars.
You may adopt some simple ways to help prevent littering which is a serious environmental hazard.
Make sure your waste is thrown in the garbage can. Sweep paved areas and pick up all the garbage, rather than hosing it down into drains and gutters which can be choked.
Always dispose of unwanted chemicals, paints, thinners, drugs, garden pesticides and herbicides responsibly as they are poisonous. Use a cloth or paper bag while shopping instead of plastic bags. You may organize a litter patrol. Get your family, friends and neighbours to help you. Each person should carry a sturdy bag for collecting cans, papers and bottles along the road. Recycle, what you can. 
Remember, besides looking awful, litter can do serious harm, so make sure you dispose of your garbage properly. Never litter.

About The Author

Dr. Archana Bharat

Archana Bharat MA, MPhil, PhD (University Gold Medalist) is an avid reader and writer, who is greatly influenced by the philosophy of Sant Kabir. Together with her husband Shri Bharat Bhushan she is contributing greatly to Noida unit of Kabir Peace Mission.