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By Acharya Sachidananda on 23-10-2010

was an Air Force Officer in my purvaashrama. ‘Principles of War’ was an
important subject that we had to learn in our training Academy. We were taught
that conventional warfare was an easier affair compared to guerilla warfare. We
had also studied the Vietnam war as a good example of a successful guerilla
warfare. In the Vietnam war America, the mightiest ‘super power’ in the world,
had to accept defeat in the hands of the Vietnamese guerillas who were
insignificant in number and might compared to the well armed combined might of
the U S Army and Air Force.

a conventional war the fight is against a well defined and clearly identified
external enemy, whereas in guerilla warfare we cannot define or identify the
enemy. He is invisible and within. It is much easier to fight an external
visible enemy than fighting an invisible internal enemy.

17 years of life as an Air Force officer, divine providence has brought me into
a new mission through a traumatic experience of seeing death face to face in an
air accident. This encounter with death at the least expected moment became a
‘turning point’ in my life. In 2008, twenty six years after that ‘turning point’,
I have once again plunged myself into a new battle field. This time around, my
mission is to be part of a ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ for economic, social and
moral freedoms of India.

first freedom struggle of India was like a conventional war. It was essentially
a political struggle aimed at liberating India from British subjugation. The
‘enemy’ was an outside force, well defined and clearly visible. The Second
Freedom Struggle of India that we have initiated on 30th Jan 2008
(the 60th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom) from Gandhi
Mandapam, Kanyakumari, is aimed at winning economic, social and moral freedoms
for India. This ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ is a struggle not against an outside
political force, but against the forces of evil within India and within us

About The Author

Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Indian Air Force officer turned spiritual guide and an apostle of peace and love. He is the patron of 'Indian Thoughts'. He represented India in the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' held under UNO, in 2000. He has founded Dharma Bharathi Mission.