Be Optimistic

By Sr. Dr Lilly on 28-05-2013

Give your mind positive thoughts to chew on but keep them realistic. You can control your thoughts, and your thoughts control your life – Dora Albert.
‘Optimism is believing in favourable events and visualizing nice things ahead irrespective of adverse circumstances’. Thinking only of the best, working only for the best, expect only the best and manifest the best of yourself. Do not worry about the unknown; it’s as likely to be good or bad. Never lose your hope, even if you lose all else. The key to optimism is to maximize your successes and minimize your failures. Optimist always have better health, wealth and career opportunities in life. Act and feel cheerful. Being always joyful and euphoric is the fastest way to be optimistic. Optimist has  positive attitudes, focuses on solutions, dwells on strengths and thinks about achieving prosperity.
There are some ants called ‘bridge makers’ who show wonderful intelligence. In order to ford a river they link themselves together into a continuous chain ever so light. Nothing contributes more to cheerfulness than the habit of looking at the bright side of things. The good side is God’s side of them. The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces, ‘look underfoot’. You are always nearer the divine and the true sources of your power than you think. The great opportunity is where you are.
Some parents were at their wit’s end over their twin boys – one an eternal optimist, the other a hopeless pessimist. Finally they went to a psychiatrist who devised what he thought would be a sure-fire remedy. The doctor placed the optimist in a room filled with manure and told him to dig, figuring this would cure him of his joyful nature. He put the pessimist in a room filled with toys and told him to play. This was bound to cheer the sad-faced boy. 
But when the doctor returned with the parents some hours later, he was flabbergasted at the results. The little pessimist was bawling, complaining that he would hurt himself if he played with the  toys. The little optimist on the other hand was furiously digging in the mannure. When his mother asked what he was doing, the boy joyfully exclaimed, ”With all this mannure, there must be a pony around somewhere.” 
“All things work together for good, when there is good will”- James Alberione

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