Be Efficient

By Dr. Archana Bharat on 06-07-2017

It is amazing how much time we waste, but if we are willing to make a few changes, our time can be used more efficiently. First and foremost, use logic and common sense and explore several options before proceeding. Accept and learn from your mistakes. Ask for help from someone who has more experience or skill. Be open to new ideas and amicable towards new perspectives. Speed your process and technique by planning ahead.
Make a list of ideas and even if you do not have time to proceed at the moment, you may have time to think about the most efficient procedure. When following instructions, read through the entire procedure before you begin and highlight important concepts. Learn the fundamentals before proceeding to the more complicated and use the proper tools and resources. A simple tool may be more appropriate for certain tasks. Always work in accordance with your priorities and finish the urgent tasks first. Be realistic in calculating the time required for each step. Set aside extra time for some unexpected delays. As you near the end of a step, begin thinking about the next. Divide your work into smaller portions and take breaks at intervals. A small project is less daunting and more easily accomplished. Stay focused because time can be wasted if you forget a step or get off track. Remove distractions to give your full attention. Complete one project before starting another for a sense of achievement.
Take a break as you need rest to replenish and rejuvenate your body and mind. Gently exercise to increase circulation and oxygen to your brain to think more clearly.
Limit your possessions as all possessions require your time and money to maintain. Get rid of unused and useless items. Buy time-saving, multifunctional and reliable items.
Organize your things and put everything in their proper place. This way you will not waste time in finding them whenever you require them.
Keep your thoughts focused on fruitful endeavours and be confident with your plans and proceed. Do the best you can and take pride in the quality of your work. Education allows you to adapt more easily. So offer your knowledge, skills and direction to others. Enjoy your spare time by doing things of your interest.

About The Author

Dr. Archana Bharat

Archana Bharat MA, MPhil, PhD (University Gold Medalist) is an avid reader and writer, who is greatly influenced by the philosophy of Sant Kabir. Together with her husband Shri Bharat Bhushan she is contributing greatly to Noida unit of Kabir Peace Mission.