As we Journey on…

By Fr. Joe Eruppakkatt SSP on 11-07-2011

In life we make frequent journeys to various places and
for various reasons. In the olden times people journeyed on foot from place to
place for their survival needs. Later on, as they advanced in their knowledge
of the surroundings, people used animals, and animal pulled carriages for their
journey. This was followed later by vehicles pulled or pedalled by humans
themselves. And finally journey became easier and faster with the arrival of
automobile engines. Today people can travel by air, by rail, by road and by sea
to reach their destination in the fastest imaginable speed.

Every journey has a purpose, a beginning and an end. We
journey for business, for vacation, for pilgrimage, for entertainment, and for
hundreds of other reasons.  Sometimes we
stop our journey for the purpose of refuelling, for food, rest, entertainment,
business, etc., but move on again when the purpose has been achieved. Sometimes
we make detours because of roadblocks on our normal route. Sometimes we get
stuck in one place due to unfavourable conditions. On some occasions we
unknowingly deviate from our right path and take wrong routes, but when the
mistake has been realised, we get back to the right route.

In our journey we meet various kinds of people – some
familiar, others strangers; some pleasant, some sore; some helpful, others
indifferent; some friendly, others rude; some we befriend, others we pass by
without paying much attention. Some of those whom we befriend become part of
our lives, but others gradually fade away from our memory.

Just as we make big and small journeys in life
frequently, our life itself is a long journey, a movement, a pilgrimage. We
begin our life’s journey at the moment of our conception in the womb of our
mother. Our final destination is the heavenly kingdom where the entire human
race is invited to by God himself. The purpose of our life’s journey is to
attain our final destiny. In this journey there can be roadblocks, wrong turns,
sticky situations, stopovers, frustrating experiences, etc. We meet people who
enrich us as well as people who create hurdles on our journey. Just as other
people influence our onward move, we too, through our actions and words
influence others, make a difference to the path we travel and the people we
meet. We learn from every experience, be they big or small.  Every event on this journey is a teacher for
our onward move. Every place we visit and every situation we encounter have
something to make our journey better. 
The only things that we can take along with us to our final destiny is
the goodwill we have created among people, the love we have shared and the
smile we have brought on to the faces of the less privileged through our own
self-sacrifice. All the other baggage we have collected along the way will have
to be dropped in this world in order to enter our final destiny.

believe that life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel,
but we are well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and
allow them to blossom”. (Les Brown)

About The Author

Fr. Joe Eruppakkatt SSP

Fr. Joe Eruppakkatt SSP is a Catholic priest of the Society of St Paul. He has been engaged in media activities for several years as General Editor of ST PAULS Mumbai. He believes in God's gift of beauty and goodness in every human being, in nature and in every religious tradition, and shares his views and opinions with others.