A Bag of philosophy

By Joseph Mattappally on 25-06-2010

Philosophy is not taught to all but it is
interesting that each human being becomes ‘the best philosopher’ at the hour of
death. There
is a popular story from the life of Alexander the Great. Hewas on his way back
to home after an expedition. He fell ill and knew that death is drawing close.
He called his Generals and said, “I will depart from this world soon. But I
have three wishes……” He continued to his Generals, “My first desire is that my
physicians alone should carry my coffin. Secondly, the path to my grave should
be strewn with gold, silver and precious stones. My third and last wish is that
my hands should be kept dangling out of the coffin.” One of the Generals asked
him why he has such strange wishes. 
Alexander took a deep breath and said, “I would like the world to know that
no doctor can really save anybody from death; strewing gold, silver and stones
on the way is to tell the world that nothing I earned can be taken by me on
death. Let people realize that it is sheer waste of time to chase wealth.  And about my third wish, I want people to know
that I came empty handed and empty handed I go out of this world.”

It was when he found
himself in trouble that he realized the truth on life. There could not be many,
who haven’t realized the worthlessness of living a life composed of greed and
pleasure, at least once in their life. Still why don’t we live a noble life of
sharing? It is right here that we experience the strong hold of concepts
imprinted within. We are conditioned to believe that only material wealth
counts or our only purpose is making life more and more luxurious. We have
great difficulty to believe that we are part of the whole Universe and our duty
is to serve the purpose we are endorsed with. When we struggle for individual
gains, it becomes like all body organs demanding for separate mouths to eat. It
is natural in a world where religions exist, indebted to man’s fear of death. Who
on earth will redefine joy and revisit the ever present God care? It only will
end up philosophers on deathbed; it only will encourage people to experience
the God care every moment, for the very simple reason that we are His own

About The Author

Sri. Joseph Mattappally

Sri. Joseph Mattappally, Founder and Director of Indian Thoughts, is a writer and social worker. He is also a Reiki Master (RIRC Mumbai) and licensed Amateur Radio Operator ( VU2JIM). He has authored 'Success Secrets', a book detailing basic life management principles.