Use Your Talents

By indian-admin on 22-09-2017

“Holy man,” said a novice to Father Abbot, “my heart is full of love for the world and my soul is free of temptations from the devil. What is my next step?”
The Abbot asked the young man to accompany him on a visit to a sick person who needed the ‘anointing of the sick.’ While comforting the family, the Abbot noticed a trunk in a corner of the house.
“What is it?’ asked the Abbot. “It is clothes,” replied the son, that my father never used. He bought nice clothes, always thinking that the right occasion would arise to wear them. But he never wore them. They ended up rotting in that truck.”
“Don’t forget that trunk,” said the venerable Abbot to the young man, as they left the house.

Comment: Be aware of the good gifts you are endowed with and be sure to make use of them for the good of your neighbour and for your own spiritual growth. Left to themselves they will rote away like the good clothes in the trunk.

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