Unusual Toad

By Admin on 03-03-2010

One day a cobra was moving through the bushes.
Surprisingly, it saw a bush toad, just in front of it. The toad had not sensed
the approaching cobra until it stood, hoods spread, before it. Being sure that
the snake will swallow it, the toad immediately shouted at the snake. “Don’t
attack me and fall into trouble. If you touch me you will fall dead…I’m so
poisonous.” The cobra paused a while and quite astonished, asked the toad, “How
is it so? Frogs and toads are our food.” The toad understood that the trick has
clicked. It said, “Come with me. I’ll prove it. Then you decide and do what you

The snake followed the toad to a foot path through the
bushes. The frog said, “I will touch the man who moves by and you will see who
is more poisonous.” The snake agreed.

They waited a while and saw a man coming through the
foot path. “First you touch his legs and let us see what happens.” When the man
came close, the cobra jumped to the other side of the footpath, just touching
his legs. The man got frightened and turned back. He saw a toad anxiously
looking at him. The man was happy to learn that it was only a small toad and
continued walking.

Now it was the turn of the toad. Within a short while
another man came by. This time the toad jumped to the other side of the bush,
just touching his legs. The man turned frightened and saw the cobra looking at
him, hoods spread. He thought that the cobra has bitten him and thinking that
he will be dead shortly, fainted and fell down. The snake looked at the toad
with awe and slowly crept back into the bushes, saying nothing. The cobra hadn’t
ever heard of a toad that is so poisonous.  

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