The World is Mine

By Admin on 20-01-2008

At the traffic signal, through the side glass of the car the man
on wheels saw four eyes looking at him. It belonged to a little beggar girl and
her brother. The pitiful eyes and their starched hands made him think that he
has everything and the world is his.

At the candy store the man passed a smile at the lad at the sales
counter. The man saw that he wore a crutch. Again, he thought that he has both
the legs and the world is his.

Out in the telephone booth the man he talked with was an always
smiling guy, with a dark glass on.

As he left the booth the man said, “It’s nice to talk with folks
like you. You see, I’m blind.” Once again the man said to himself that he is
blessed with both the eyes and the world is his because he can see all the

In the evening the man sat in the park watching a game going on.
He was thinking about the days experiences and how fortunate he is. Beside him
was a boy who also kept watching the game. The man suddenly realized that he
knew the boy and he is deaf.

He could not resist thanking God. He spoke in a low voice, “It’s
strange that the ‘haves’ experience the world while the ‘have nots’ experience
Thy care.”

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