The River

By indian-admin on 01-12-2017

Once a group of Chinese students asked their wise old teacher why he would sometimes just stand at the river’s edge for a longer time and stare at the water. What did he see there?

He did not immediately answer. Nor did he look away from the continuously flowing stream. Finally he spoke up, “Flowing water teaches us how to live: “Wherever it flows it brings life and shares itself with everyone who needs it. A river is kind and generous.”

“It knows how to level off the unevenness of the landscape. It is just and fair. It throws itself over cliffs into the depths of the valley without even slowing down. It is courageous.”

“Its surface is flat and smooth, but underneath it can hide churning currents. A river is wise.”

“It flows around rocks that hinder its progress. A river is tolerant. But at the same time it works day and night to get that hindrance out of its way. A river is tireless No matter how many windings and detours it must make, it never loses sight of its goal: the sea. A river is single-minded. A river is able to keep renewing itself.”

“These are my reasons for staring at the flowing river. It teaches me to live correctly.”
_ Johannes Thiele

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