The Richest

By Joseph Mattappally on 15-08-2017

Who is the richest man in the world? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Amancio Ortega, Amancio Ortega, Mark Zuckerberg…… the list continues. Bill Gates who is on top, but does not agree with this order. He says that the richest is none of these. He narrates the story of the richest person whom he happened to see.

Many years ago, I had been dismissal and I had gone to New York airport. I read titles of newspapers there. I liked one of them and I want to buy it. But I didn’t have change (coin). I abandoned, suddenly, a black boy called me and told,

“This newspaper for you.” I said, but I don’t have change.

He said, “No problem, I give you free”.

After 3 months, I went there. Coincidentally, that story happened again and that same boy gave another free newspaper again. I said, I can’t accept. But he said,

“I give you from my profit.”

After 19 years, I had been rich and I decided to find that boy. I found him after one and half months searching. I asked him, do you know me? He said,

“Yes, you’re famous Bill Gates.”

I said, you gave me free newspaper in two times many years ago. Now, I want to compensate it. I am going to give you everything that you want. The Black young man replied,

“You can’t compensate it!” 
I said, why? He said,

“Because I gave you when I was poor. You want to give me when you are rich. So, how do you compensate?”

Bill Gates said, I think that black young man is richer than me.

If it is our attitude that makes us rich or poor, we need only a split second to become the richest in the world!

About The Author

Sri. Joseph Mattappally

Sri. Joseph Mattappally, Founder and Director of Indian Thoughts, is a writer and social worker. He is also a Reiki Master (RIRC Mumbai) and licensed Amateur Radio Operator ( VU2JIM). He has authored 'Success Secrets', a book detailing basic life management principles.