The Old Faithful Well

By Admin on 26-09-2016

A young boy spent a month every summer with his parents in an old farmhouse.  The house was 150 years old when his family bought it.  It had never been modernized.  The water supply during those years came from an old well that stood just outside the front door.  This well was remarkable because it never ran dry.  Even in this severest summer droughts, the old well faithfully yielded up its cool, clear water. The day came when the family sanctuary was modernized.  A new well was drilled a few hundred feet from the house. The old well was capped to be kept in reserve. The old well remained covered for several years until one day, moved by curiosity, the now grown young man decided to uncover and inspect the old well’s condition.  As he removed the cover, he fully expected to see the same cool, moist depths he remembered so well as a boy.  But to his great surprise, the well was bone dry – John Sanford
Note: (Curtsy Kaimlet) This type of well is fed by hundreds of tiny underground rivulets along which seeps a constant supply of water.  As water is drawn from the well, more water flows into it along the rivulets, keeping these tiny channels clear and open.  But when such a well is not used and the water is not regularly drawn, the tiny rivulets get closed by the small grains of sand and mud. If there was flow, these would have been carried away.  The well, which had run without failing for so many years, was now dry -not because of a water shortage, but because it had not been used. The same would be the fate of our talents and abilities if they are not constantly made use of.

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